Actionable: Tricks to Increase Organic Traffic

To some of the SEO experts, traffic on the website only matters whether it comes from any of the sources. Two primary methods to attaining the web traffic are organic and paid. A site requires a specific period to grab the traffic. But, some digital marketing professionals boost traffic on your webpage instantly within few weeks. How would it be possible? They adopt black hat methods with which they can generate inorganic traffic frequently. But remember, shortcuts are always harmful. Same is the case with black hat methods. These are illegal, and Google can penalize you for that.

Thus, always go for white hat methods which can boost the traffic by adopting following ways:

Back Linking: One of the essential elements of a website is the backlinks. The success of your web page does not depend upon the number of links you have. But the real factor is the quantum of good and bad links. If you have more of bad links than good ones, Google will not like your site. So, the best way to increase organic traffic is building more and more good links.

Symbols of God Link:

  • It should be of the relevant website.
  • Contextual links are considered the best.
  • Dofollow links generate organic traffic.
  • Links obtained from an excellent length article is more valuable.

Blogs based on pain points of users: No doubt content marketing is helpful in getting the traffic. But when you specifically focus on the questions and likings of the users, it increases their interest. Prefer to write an article started which why, how, when and other questionable facts. People are always keen to get revert of their queries. So, it’s better to explain the answer in depth rather than giving a short reply.

Guest Posting: Besides publishing blogs on your site, become a contributor to other reputed sites. It will lead to brand awareness and make goodwill in the market. Moreover, you will get a backlink for your site as well. While deciding for a guest posting one need to very choosing the website because a wrong selection can create a negative impact on the viewers.

Meta Description: Meta tags and description form the necessary criteria for research results. The more targeted keywords you choose, the more it will give prompt results. Content for the blog or any of the description is useless until it contains specific keywords. The whole of the process of ranking revolves around the selection of keywords.  In fact, long tail keywords are best suitable for directing organic traffic.

Regular Monitoring: Success of a website depends on the SEO services as well as its regular monitoring. Big to big successes can convert into failure if a proper analysis of the results not done. Make reports on a regular basis that what factors attract organic traffic. Try to eliminate those factors those are unattractive and due to which users quit the page.

If you are among them, who want direct organic traffic on the website, must try these trick. These will prove helpful for you.


In’s and Out’s for Building Online Presence

Online presence in today’s era is foremost significant. Especially, when you are going to establish an online business for selling the products and services. From teenager to the elder one, everybody has social accounts. Almost 47% of the people depend on the internet while taking various decisions. Well, you don’t want to go anywhere, have a look at the today’s shopping trend. Shops are available online making your shopping instant and easy. In that case, if your business is not present online, it can lose a lot of potential buyers.

So, here are some of the in’s and out’s that one should know at the time of creating online presence:


  • Support of Social Media: Craze of social media is spreading among the people day by day. No other medium will be that much favorite to publish your brand. It’s the right platform where a business can build its strong online presence. Publish the post on Facebook, give tweets on the twitter, and release short videos on YouTube to grab the attention of viewers.
  • Feed People with Content: Content is all that people look on the site. It is the primary element on the webpage that sticks the users for long. Although, it can also increase the bounce rate if not written or presented in a right way. The quality content consisting of images, information, graphics, facts, and figures help in increasing the conversion rate.
  • Customized Web Design: Designing is like blood to the website. Whether you post good content and have strong backlinks, but nothing can beat the importance of customized web design. It makes the web page from better to the best. There are some designs available for desktop and mobile based website. One can choose responsive, abrasive designs.
  • Make Use of Chat Box: Serve the user with the surety that you are also available for his help whenever he needs. For that, it is wiser to insert the chat box. It can be real or robotic, depending upon the budget and functioning.


  • Only Informative about Product: Don’t be too much information about the product collection all the time. Insert about us page on the web so that viewers can come to know more about your company. Release advertisement, offers and discount coupons time to time to catch the interest of the customers.
  • Black Hat SEO Methods: Beware of adopting the silly tact’s to get high ranking because it is for few days only. Such practices are illegal according to rules of a search engine can harm your online presence. Moreover, Google can also blacklist the site. So, don’t sacrifice your brand image for the sake of getting instant traffic. Adopt accurate methods can get timely results.
  • Same Designing Trick for Desktop and Mobile: Desktop website and mobile site both contains different features. A single design for them does not fit well. The desktop has a big screen; it is convenient to use any design on it. But the mobile screen is small. If the page will appear half on the screen or show 404 error, it will disturb the online presence.

Affordable 6 Pocket Allowing SEO Techniques

Availing SEO services are vital to be in the lead and rank website on the top in SERP’s. At the initial stage of business, it is quite tough to avail costly services or hire a prominent digital marketing agency. At the starting, profits are uncertain, and one cannot afford to spend on high-level service.

Then what one does? How to avail the service? Don’t worry. This article is only for you. Here some of the affordable techniques that one can avail:

  • GMB (Google My Business): For small-scale business and startups, it is essential to focus on the localized customer rather than gaining the attention of the potential audience. Optimizing Google My Business (GMB) page is the best way to do local SEO. Earlier this method was popular with the name formerly Google Places or Google Map listing.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Generally if someone hires SEO, he focuses on both long-tail and short-tail keywords. E.g., Super digital marketing agency is the short-tail keyword whereas best digital marketing agency in the world is a long-tail keyword. Companies having tight budget opt for doing SEO on their own must keep the focus on the long-tail keywords. Moreover, there are some online keyword generators available such as LSI keywords, ubersuggest, etc. from which one can get an idea of high ranked keywords.
  • Content – The Master: If you cannot afford expensive services then it’s better to hire a content writer that produces quality content. The content is the key to success for a website. But make sure one must embed all the necessary elements to make it presentable. Google issues latest updates on content time to time. Keep watching them and makes changes to the content accordingly. A web crawler crawls on the regular interval. It only crawls your content if it found the text and allied elements unique and error free.SEO services
  • Don’t Stuff Keywords: Once you complete keyword search and content idea, it’s the time to optimize the keywords into it. If you are thinking that keyword stuffing and optimizing is the same thing, then you are wrong. Stuffing is an illegal and improper method which can destroy the whole content. So, wisely optimize it in the text where it suits the best. Your primary keyword must come in URL, title tag, meta tag, sub-heading, in a 1st hundred and last hundred words of the content.
  • Internal Linking: For a better search engine optimization that allows your pocket, you can give integral links within the blog post. Give links to the relevant keywords that keep visitor engaging here and thee on the webpage and increase the spending time. The links neither are more nor are less. A number of the link depends upon the length of a post.
  • Links from Outsourcing: Another way to keep your website up is to get links from outside. It is also known as inbound marketing. All you need to do is find some relevant sites which are already rating high on the Google. Be in touch with them and provide a guest post. In return, they give you the backlink which will be a good sign for your website.

All such affordable SEO techniques will work for an organization at the initial stage. But when your ROI increase, try to avail services of professional to mark a high position on the search engine.